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Daye Bensa
Sidama, Ethiopia

Washed. Soaked for 36 hours, with water changed every 8 hours. Dried on raised beds with covered pyramoidal during peak sun.
2100 meters above sea level.
Variety: Primarily Sidamo 74158, with other mixed varieties

Coffees from Ethiopia are prone to standing out in a crowd. They differ from Latin American coffees, often immensely. Even from other African coffees, they tend to be distinctly... well, Ethiopian. In this case, however, Daye Bensa is a little harder to pin down. Yes, there are lush notes of passion fruit, mandarin orange, and apricot, which you'll find listed on the bag, but more than that, the coffee has a little more of a rounded sweetness to it, which is a characteristic often times more reminiscent of a Latin American coffee when it's at its peak. Daye Bensa is sweet, beautiful, and very drinkable.

We roast and ship Monday - Wednesday. Orders placed after 12:00 p.m. central time on Wednesday will ship the following Monday. All bags are 300 grams.