• 50% Guji, Ethiopia 
  • 50% Nova, Rwanda
  • 50% brew ratio, 202 degrees.
The Veldt explores the brighter and more adventurous side of espresso.  Ever evolving, always challenging, and uniquely rewarding.



  • Espresso from Nueva Esperanza near Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. 
  • SCAA competition specs. 20 grams in, 40 grams out. 201 degrees, 25 seconds
Aurora is the competitive espresso.  The coffees may change but the feeling remains. Designed to score points and reach goals.   


  • 50% Progresso, Brazil
  • 50% Leonel Vindas, Costa Rica
  • 60% brew ratio, 198 degrees
Scrimshaw represents new beginnings and an understanding of the past. Classic flavor profiles of dark chocolate, deep cherry tones, and a heavy body can be found in this classic interpretation of espresso.